Monday, January 6, 2014

Coming Soon ... DayZ Standalon - Why Its My New Favourite Game ...

I've started playing DayZ standalone after the release on suggestion from my brother and I got it for the full alpha price. Initially I regretted the sale but how wrong was I?
You tell me after reading the soon to come post. 

DayZ Standalone Adventures - Meeting New Friends and Psychotic Murderers

Ok so first time playing alone, fresh spawn, new place, where am I? {061 134}
I need a weapon.
A quick tab out to the map and I'm quite sure there is a town with an airfield north east of where I'm right now.
Exploring, O look a garage close to me, hmmm that’s where I’d keep my baseball bat, wrench, crowbar and or axe.
Bazinga (™ The Big Bang Theory attr. Sheldon Cooper), I “gots” me a Pipe Wrench, apparently the 3rd best melee weapon in the game, I don't know this yet.
Now time to swot some zombies. ...a little while later… O damn, I'm bleeding this is not good, ok so rags from shirts I've heard of, bandage wounds, I'm ok.

So I've seen vids about the airfield close to where I'm now, I decide to approach stealthily from fear of players like TheDevilDogGamer (see what I mean in this video). 

I need a gun. If you want to see who TheDevilDogGamer is click here for his YouTube Channel.
Off to the airfield then.

I approach from the SEE(South East East) {055 132} and the Aircraft Control Tower is the first building that I see.
Taking it slow and scared becomes boring pretty soon as I'm still far off. True to a first timer's form I run recklessly to the ACT(Aircraft Control Tower).
Approaching I notice people and go into the prescribed rant for not being killed on site. It goes along the lines of “friendly, friendly, friendly; Friendly-friendly, FRIENDLY!!” while getting the reply along the lines of “friendly, friendly; don’t kill me, why are you getting so close, lower your weapon!!!”
So after getting used to the people around and some quick looting I now have a pistol, no ammo.

Just before we are all comfortable bullets go off and it sounds like its right on top of us.
Panic ensues, run around, take cover. Some of the other guys are still moving outside, “Guys let’s take cover” and now we are all pinned in the ACT tower. Anyone got handgun ammo? No luck.
After a few minutes of “Do you see him?”, “No you?”, “Anybody get hit?” I decide I'm not going down without a fight. I declare confidently, “I'm going to draw his fire. Shoot when you see him" and I then proceed to move outside. Closely followed by first two then most of my new allies we run across the airfield and hunt this cowardly sniper. We are full of bluster hunting the infidel and or monster much like pitchfork wielding villagers.

After a while I declare that our show of force scared him off and return to the prison. Not two minutes later more gunshots and ricochets ring out again and we all take cover. "someone's shooting", “Anyone hit?”, “Where is that coward?”.
Explaining this I say “O It might be someone punching a wall check this out” and start punching. Again chaos ensues and some players, who weren't paying attention, run around like mice in a barrel.
Upon realising no one is hit even though we were stationary targets I remember that in the Alpha’s current state (2013-12-29) the fists melee attack makes gunshot noises.
Laughing at our idiocy after the initial shock subsides and we decide to go get water.
All filled up, off for more gear. Whoop guess what, I got some ammo!

We get going but become very quickly distracted and start chatting in a field. Solar at this point notes that there are guys approaching with guns. I call go prone and some do or die and I get two or three shots off before dying. Pretty sure I missed every shot to my dismay.
I only slightly hesitate before flying into a tirade after the premeditated murder that rings along the lines of "why did you do that?" "we were friendly" "that's f&$kd up".
After a little silence I hear the gunmen say, there's one more in the grass. I reply as a "no I'm dead", "you are such @$$H0L3$; this is not call of duty!" though i did swear a heck of a lot. Not wanting to listen to the reply I rage log and walk away from my pc.

It only takes a 5 minute break and I'm back at it, but this is the experience that defined my play style for the next 4 respawns.